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Blaine Briggs Consulting specializes in the development, implementation, and operation of Automotive Repair and Maintenance Facilities and Operations. We offer complete solutions for Sales, Staff, Inventory and Operations  Management, as well as service management, complaint management, JIT Inventory Control and provide lead management guidance and assistance for our clients.

Consulting and Operations

Taking your current location, staff and equipment into account, we offer business development and solutiuons to increase your ease of operation while increasing your profits and reducing your cost of goods sold and business overhead. We use improved marketing techniques to increase sales through existing customers and new customers, while reducing your cost per customer.
Business operations and administration Our team of up to 5 specialists are available for repair operations and service administration and Management.
Continuous support Our competent, responsible  service representatives provide daily support as needed after we leave.
Achieving Your Goals After consultation and implementation, we're at your side for all aspects of business maintenance and operations. We help you with all questions related to adjustments and changes to insure your continued profitability.
Consulting and implementation Our consultants provide proven, tested analysis, assessment, and re-implementation of your business practices, procedures and operation management.
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